Our Culture

Thoughtful Innovation

We began as a small group of like-minded, entrepreneurial individuals, working together side by side.

Though we’ve grown, we’ve maintained that spirit which allows us to be thoughtful and innovative in our approach. Our team is encouraged to collaborate and think creatively, to ensure that we retain our competitive edge.

High Performance

We are fully integrated across the range of activities performed in our investments, meaning we rely less on operating partners to bring local knowledge or operational expertise.

As a result, we expect a lot from our team. Our team must operate flexibly across all disciplines at a high level, which constantly pushes the boundaries of our capabilities.

Diverse Perspectives

We have an open environment where new ideas are welcomed.

We value the diverse backgrounds and contributions of our team members. New ideas are encouraged and considered in robust but collegial debate that is not limited by hierarchy, which empowers each individual to make our collective team stronger.

Personal Growth

We are committed to the career progression of our team at all levels by encouraging excellence and individual responsibility.

We believe our team is strengthened by mutual accountability for career growth and a commitment to giving and receiving feedback. This ensures that we continually invest in our people by giving them the right tools, training and time to succeed within their roles.


Our projects can be complex and challenging, which is also what makes them rewarding.

We encourage our team to find solutions, even if that means having setbacks. This is because we believe that determination and taking thoughtful risks is the way we achieve our objectives and create value in our business.

‘There is a clear culture of encouraging free and open thought, to be creative with the solutions we work up and deliver. Where an opportunity exists to grow the business or expand personally you are actively encouraged to grasp it and distribute what you’ve learned to colleagues to actively consider how to make the most of your idea.’

Life at Castleforge Partners

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