Our Approach

Research Focus

We invest thematically using our deep market insights to provide a framework for our acquisition strategy.

Our internal research team draws on a wide range of sources to map out themes around legislative change, demand / supply fundamentals, demographic and structural adjustments and infrastructural improvements. From here we refine our asset selection criteria using operational experience.

Our research identifies themes that supplement our base case, such as:

  • macroeconomic trends or risk factors that impact broad investment selection;
  • cyclical themes where an asset type or submarket is mispriced relative to construction cost, operational fundamentals or surrounding infrastructural developments; or
  • structural themes to build an operational competitive advantage that benefits from secular changes in supply-demand dynamics.

Vertical Integration

Our team is directly involved throughout an investment’s life cycle.

Our integrated model combines asset management, specialist research capabilities and operational expertise to deliver superior results. We have in-house specialists who are directly responsible for each stage of an investment, from sourcing and underwriting to delivery of the business plan.

Our vertically integrated approach enables us to outperform by:

  • expediting delivery of the business plan;
  • aligning incentive structure with investors;
  • enhancing decision-making through direct, unbiased information from on-site activities;
  • improving response time when engaging with third parties; and
  • maintaining quality and consistency of asset management.


Our purpose built platforms
provide sustainable competitive
advantages and enhance yield.

We seek to improve the end-user experience by offering a high-quality service and fostering a strong sense of community.

Operating platforms developed in-house capture unmet demand and allow us to increase yield and reduce risk at the asset level.

Flexible Offices

  • Well-designed contemporary offices, workspaces and meeting spaces in convenient city centre locations
  • Captures the increased demand for flexible serviced offices that can be scaled in line with business demands
  • Customer-focussed onsite team ensures all tenants a personalised service
  • Well-located in cities with compelling supply-demand dynamics

Mid-market Residential Management

  • Professional, responsive, corporate landlord enhancing the tenant experience
  • Standardised, high quality product
  • Modern units rented at affordable levels
  • Increased operating and management efficiencies
  • Locations around key employment hubs in undersupplied locations

Our Process

Our whole team is responsible for sourcing potential assets. Local presence and extensive networks open up multiple channels of investment flow along our select themes. We proactively identify assets impacted by market dislocation to access proprietary opportunities.

Our institutional knowledge is brought to bear in each investment decision. On a weekly basis a detailed review for each investment opportunity is presented by the leading analyst. Each investment is subject to a disciplined review and transparent debate resulting in either a decline “Kill” or “Fill” to move to the next stage.

Rigor and accountability is enforced at each stage of the due diligence process. Each investment is robustly stress tested before receiving Investment Committee approval. The Investment Committee comprises the Firm’s management and senior advisors who have a cumulative 100+ years’ investing experience.

Each asset is directly managed by our team throughout the project’s life. The team combines specialist skill sets to achieve business plan targets.

A rigorous monitoring and reporting process is maintained for all investments, combining internal review with external oversight. Assets are held for the medium- to long-term and exited at the point of optimal return.