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Bruntsfield Hotel, Edinburgh

A boutique hotel in a key international and domestic leisure and business travel destination that has been benefitting from increased tourism spend by the growing global middle class.

  • Acquisition of a historic, operating boutique townhouse hotel in Edinburgh, with c. 70 keys across three storeys.
  • Located in an affluent neighbourhood in the most visited city behind London, and a short walk from major attractions.
  • Undertook rolling refurbishment of the bedrooms, addition of two additional bedrooms, and refurbishment and re-positioning of the restaurant and bar amenities.
  • Partnered with an experienced third-party operator to improve operating performance and sales distribution and to conduct a wider rebranding of the hotel.
  • Benefitted from strong performance post-Covid as people returned to travelling for business and leisure.
Bruntsfield Hotel outdoor
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Bruntsfield Hotel bar
bedroom Bruntsfield Hotel
bedroom with seat and journal Bruntsfield Hotel
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