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Castleforge Fund Rated Four Stars for ESG

Castleforge’s Isambard fund has been rated four stars by independent ESG validation body GRESB

The benchmark, which ranks investment funds according to the quality of their environmental, social and governance work, awarded Castleforge an overall score of 83, an improvement from its 2022 score of 72.

The real investment firm scored significantly higher than industry average for its work on climate-related and diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) objectives and risk management.

For its environmental impact, Castleforge scored 49 out of a possible 62 points, improving by more than a quarter compared to the previous year.

It has also been awarded 17/18 for social impact and 18/20 for governance, higher than the GRESB average for funds of this size.

ESG considerations are an integral part of Castleforge’s business strategy as it strives to invest responsibly and create a greener future for all the communities it has a foothold in.

This year’s GRESB report underlines the progress is has made towards this goal, with its recent acquisitions 75 London Wall and UNO, Golden Lane targeting the highest possible sustainability standards.

GRESB is an independent organisation that provides ESG auditing and benchmarking across the built environment sector. GRESB data is used by capital providers and asset managers to better understand the work that companies are undertaking to improve the sustainability of their operations.

Castleforge Founding Partner Michael Kovacs said:

“It’s fantastic to see our commitment to the environmental and social impact of our portfolio and internal operations recognised in the significant increase to our GRESB score.

“Sustainability and responsible investment are a core element of our long-term strategy. It is crucial for industry to play its part in building a greener future, and we know that the both businesses and investors are increasingly conscious of the sustainability and responsibility of our operations.


24th October 2023